Goodbye DI

A couple of weeks ago, my heretofore great relationship with the Internet’s leading electronic music radio service, Digitally Imported, came to an abrupt end. DI found out that I was recently employed by Beatport, and claiming it was a conflict of interest, they removed me from my post as Channel Director for the EBM channel. The channel that I not only convinced DI to create, but spent an enormous amount of my personal time, effort and passion into making the #1 destination for industrial & EBM music on the internet. After nearly two years of hard work - for no payment, as Channel Directors are volunteers - it has all come to an end, due to nothing more than the politics of the digital music industry. At least there is a small silver lining in this - I have been inspired to work towards my own independent radio station, free from any corporate interests and controls. More updates to follow as this project unfolds.